Flying Tips – #5 – The Aircraft Seat & Mobile Phone usage

by admin on April 13, 2012

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Aircraft SeatsOne of the most abiding memories of childhood is soaring up on the swing as you sailed up in to the sky. Or the joy of the seesaw, as you went up, only to come down with that reassuring thump. Guess that’s why people love to play with their seats the moment they are seated. The cool, ‘I don’t talk to the hoi polloi’ kind sink in to the seat, pull up the lever and push back the seat. Or even the newbie feels empowered as they show off their familiarity with flying as they push back the seat. Regardless of what happens behind.

The problem with long legs is having to deal with a cruel world that’s been designed for shorter people. So as you find the right angle to just manage to tuck in your legs and even while you are congratulating yourself for managing so well, the seat in front tilts back taking toll of the knees and the moment of peace and adjusted calm.

The poor cabin crew is trained to spot the habitual offenders but theirs is a losing battle. First the polite reminder: “Sir could you please keep your seat upright for take-off!”

Then comes the last look before take-off, -“Sir please upright your seat!”

But soon as the flight is airborne, the experienced flyer will think nothing of tilting back. And if no one complains, it stays that way. Soon as the seat belt sign is switched off somehow the punters find a few more impossible inches to go further back. Effectively making the passengers in the immediate row behind them virtual prisoners.turn off your phone

A similarly irritating behavior is with the inveterate Mobile caller! Earlier when having a mobile signified a certain status, people would whip out their phones making useless calls, home to tell their surprised wife how much they love her, or someone recounting about the night before or if nothing else getting chatting on the Kaali Daal & Rajma they had had! While the uninterested patiently wait for this ‘vital’ conversation to get over. Of course, someone else’s gossip is always interesting, but really how interesting is it hearing about how someone was sick after drinking…now this has taken a different turn. Most feel forlorn without their mobiles off. So you have the most sophisticated woman stuffing her phone inside the designer bag, while giving suspicious glances to make sure no one has seen that she hasn’t put it off. Expecting a call from the President of the Planet, I guess! Then there are the others who nonchalantly pocket the mobile without putting it on power off mode. Wonder whose call they might expect.

But it must be the same ‘swing’ syndrome, fly in to the sky but have the anchor to the ground with the mobile.

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