Flying Tips – #4 – How to treat your Air Hostess

by admin on April 9, 2012

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flight steward in serviceOnce you have flown in an American domestic flight, you quickly learn how not to behave with an Air Hostess. But for those of us who have only flown in domestic flights in India here are some rules to remember:

She is there to serve you but she is not your servant!  Remember they have a whole roster of activities before, during and after a flight and all of it keeps them busy.  But soon as we enter the flight we begin with wanting help to find the seat, place the luggage in the overloaded luggage bin, get a bottle of water, find a Newspaper (if it’s a fully paid flight) and lots of other questions which might not have a ready answer-

“ When will ATC give us the clearance?”

“ Will I miss my connecting flight?”

Meanwhile 12C is aggravated- “When will you bring the water after I’ve died of thirst?”

18B wants to change her seat- “ I can’t sit next to him!”

9A has pushed his seat to maximum recline and upset the Baby’s milk in 8A. And of course the Captain wants a head-count and the Ground staff wants the papers countersigned for the galley supplies!airhostess

So next time, you drop your pen and get her to fetch it so that you can watch her struggle with her pert bottom, think of – “Ma, Behn…” or see them as your Mother (if you are flying a certain Airline) or Sister, in other cases!

They are equivalent to the cops on city streets. Do not cause unnecessary nuisance and you will not be harassed. Essentially if all passengers, found their seats, put in their luggage, sat and belted themselves in. Then waited for the Seat Belt sign to go off before tilting back your seat or rising to open the overhead bin, or visit the Rest-room life would be much better not just for the Air Hostess but all the fellow passengers too.

Passengers who have imbibed alcohol and are of high spirits, start searching for joy on the nearest hostess, find the going tough when they are handed over to the police on landing.

Usually you find the air hostess scurrying to do someone’s bidding or remind the same seat again that you must have the seat back upright for landing, or request the ‘desperate caller’ that they cannot use a Mobile Phone now. All of which the offenders are aware of yet, try their luck just in case they can get away with!

But importantly as long as you remember she’s there doing a job to make your flight more comfortable, you let her be doing her many tasks while you enjoy the flight!

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