Flying Tips – #6 – Turn down the volume

by admin on May 4, 2012

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Use headphones in plane Ours is an aural tradition, we’ve always learnt. The mysteries of our ancient wisdom have been passed on from generation to generation by word. Except of course the Sacred Verses, the epics etc. So it stands to reason that we are a voluble people!

Picture yourself in a dark village, below the Peepal tree, the chirp of the cicadas and the susurration of the wind through the leaves making a heady background sound; the darkness of the swiftly falling night being challenged by a feeble firelight. Now it stands to reason that lip reading is difficult in such a situation. So the need for the loud volume to ensure each person can hear the wisdom being spouted.

But why in today’s brightly lit world would we want to continue with the same amperage I wonder. In the quiet European Metro station the one loud voice you hear, you suddenly recognize as a fellow Indian’s. Of course in our streets, homes and restaurants this same volume of chatter continues. In the closed environ of a flight this takes on an ugly edge. Even harmless chatter delivered at a loud volume can really make murderous tendencies come to the fore.Entertainment options in a plane

It’s only when we travel to Europe or some other place that we realize how loud we really are. The sensitive among us try and adjust our projection but most fail totally! The crinkled nose and raised brow dissent shown by others of this voluble outburst, has recently been veiled since the Indian traveler now has a new prestige for the wallet he or she carries.

But enter the cabin of the cheap flights and you are greeted by this voluble outpouring again! Sometimes you want to put a silencer on every kisser! If not strangulate them, especially on an early morning flight with a particularly heavy head! Even the sound of the engines cannot silence them. The one time there’s silence is when the plane has finally landed. But that’s because everyone is busy pushing his or her way forward, intent to be the first one off the plane.

Savour the silence when you can, you don’t know when the bubble will burst and the cacophony begin, again!

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