Flying Tips – #7 – Security Check & Long Queue

by admin on May 17, 2012

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Long Airport queue

Long Check in queue at Airport

The survival tips on flying becomes more intensive with more air connectivity and more Indians flying than ever before. Be on your toes from the moment you arrive at the airport. First check which terminal you are to take-off from. The biggest culprit is Delhi. The heady confusion between T1 & T3 gets the best confused. Check on your ticket, double check as you approach the terminal, the user airlines are well posted on signage. Then discover the doorway with the least amount of people lining up. Or you may discover that you are at a door where the Security staff wants to make double safe, while brushing up his language skills; they take a long look at the ticket and then ask “Where’s your name?”

Once in find the desks of the Airline you’ve booked in. Don’t jump in to the shortest queue. Take a moment to figure out what’s right for you. If you have only hand baggage go to the counter for that, it’s your swiftest way in. And if you have baggage, avoid the line that has mountains of luggage, chances are you will take longer behind them.

Security check Point

Airport Security Check

Now the Security Check: again check for the quickest moving line, get behind that. Remember to take out your mobile and put it into your bag and the laptop, if you have one on the tray provided. Wallets are safe in your bag too, but if you are scared keep it with you. Indian Airports can get sticky about lighters and matchboxes, but they don’t ask you to take off your shoes and belt. Now, if you are booked on a budget airline, it’s best to carry your food with you. Most Airports have interesting food outlets. Pack your breakfast or snack and take it along; or make a meal of it before you board the flight.

Take heed of announcements, I’ve known experienced flyers who have missed a flight because they sat enjoying their meal, while the flight was called and even their names, announced!

Rather than be cool and be among the last to get on, get on early. It gives you space on the overhead luggage bin. Stash it close to you so that when you land you don’t have to against the flow to try and collect your luggage!

Now that you’ve settled in, sit back; don’t tilt the seats till you are airborne, and enjoy the flight!

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