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by admin on February 16, 2012

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First Time Flight Journey Tips

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The first flight like the first kiss stays indelibly imprinted in the memory. For me it was in a Viscount (need to visit a museum to encounter one now!) from Calcutta (none of this Kol- nonsense had entered our minds) to Srinagar via Delhi. We landed in Safdarjung Airport, where years later I had another ‘first’ flying experience as a Glider pilot! The sight of the sun coming in through the portholes was somehow more special, rarefied and golden on that summer morning. The breakfast had a special taste and a fragrance that’s somehow lingered, but never repeated. Then there was the first flight alone as a schoolboy, excitement and the promise of encounters crowded the mind.

Now flying is a far cry from those heady days. Yet the sheer exhilaration of flight still mesmerizes. Imagine if the plane’s body below your feet was glass and no seat or human ahead of you then the unbounded feel for the skies would mirror the most basic human urge to be one with the birds unfettered and freewheeling on thermals!

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As the ‘Indian Skies’ opened out and cheap no-frills airlines began operations more and more have been initiated into what was an exclusive club. Cheap flights were unheard of and the ‘cheapest flights’ term was nonexistent; those who could afford to fly were obviously a class apart. Soon a caste system has been established, as we are so quick and innovative to create, of the ‘old flyers’, the ‘new flyers’ and the ‘freshers/newbies’. There are those who are the silent cynics never offering advice, then there are the garrulous do-gooders who must tell you what to do at each step of the way. Guess I fall in to the last category with this blog!

For starters, after you have got cheap air tickets and booked yourself, you must web check-in to block your seat, else you will have to reach early enough to get yourself a seat of your choice; or you will be stuck in the middle seats. If so then don’t worry, take a deep breath as you sit down and begin to invade both arm-rests to left and right! Be insensitive, don’t meet the eyes of either passenger and you are set-up. The downside: neither will speak to you through the flight, which might actually be a blessing. A word of caution though, you cannot remove your elbows for the duration of the flight. This is occupation of enemy territory.

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