Indian grand Prix – F1 in India

by admin on September 19, 2011

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Formula 1 in India

Buddh India LogoSo it’s another day, you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and after some time, you see a space opening up. Next before you know it, you’ll be cut off by an over enthusiastic, egoistic and crass call centre driver. You might yell “Hey why don’t you join F1 if you’re that fast!!”. Well with the Formula 1 coming to India, that call center driver might just take up your advice.

Well in the land of cricket and to some extent football, F1 might seem like a slightly alien concept to the average Indian who might recall a certain Narain Karthikeyan and probably a Michael Schumacher. But the best thing about F1 is the sheer excitement it brings to viewer in terms of cars zipping around upwards 300 Km/h in a land were even going at 60 Km/h is considered a luxury. Add to it the visual spectacle, the high pitched F1 engine scream and of course the sexy grid girls, you can’t help but be captivated by whole spectacle called F1.

So why is it called F1

F1 stands for Formula 1 which is the highest class of single seater auto racing. The name comes from the set of rules that all participants’ cars have to confirm to hence the name “Formula 1”.  The circuits are purpose built according to specifications of the FIA. Considered the fastest circuit race in the world, drivers do require a special License to drive one of these rockets on wheels. So in case you were thinking your plain Jane license is enough, you’re out of luck

F1 cars, there coming to India!

Most of you will think that a F1 car looks different, sounds different and probably has a different engine. Well that’s absolutely true and to put things into perspective, a Bugatti Veyron puts out 536 BHP per ton, but a F1 car (please sit down!) puts out around 1000 BHP per ton. Not only that, an F1 can produce large amounts of down force and the engine spins at a mind busting 18, 000 RPM (your normal car can do a max of 7,000 RPM). However one area your family car will walk away smiling is reliability, since F1 engines are purpose built, and they generally need to last through one or two races. So the engine needs to be changed every 600 or 800 kms whereas yours can go on till a very long time. In case you really need to know how it’s like to drive an F1 car, check out this video were a Top Gear presenter drives an Exotic Renault F1 car for the first time. we wish that we could drive a formula 1 car too

The Buddh Formula 1 Race circuit in India

If you’re wondering where that name was born, race track builders Jaypee coined the name paying homage to Buddha that represents peace and calm. We think that when the F1 cars will tear away screaming at 300 km/h plus speeds, the atmosphere will be anything but calm.  Located 35 minutes away from Delhi, the track is designed to one of the most challenging for F1 drivers. With a capacity of 110,000 and with tickets selling like hot cakes, we would suggest that you rush out and buy them before you miss out.

Indian Grand Prix Tickets

If all this talk about the Indian Grand Prix has you all worked up and you can’t wait to hear and see those engines screaming past you at a fast clip, then you better start getting the Indian Grand Prix Tickets before they are all sold out. In case your thinking long queues to get those much wanted Indian GP tickets, then the good news is that it’s available online. All you have to do is head over to Book my Show and select your Indian Grand Prix Tickets. The ticket prices will obviously differ according to where you decide to watch the action from. For your benefit, we’ve included the prices below

Indian Grand Prix ( F1) ticket Prices

Formula 1 in India ( Buddh) Ticket Prices






Airtel Grand Prix of India (Buddh ) Layout


F1 track layout





How to get to the Formula 1 Airtel Grand Prix (Buddh International Circuit)?

Although we are quite sure that you would be pretty eager to drive down to the Buddh circuit to check out the F1 action. However for the formula 1 in India, we would suggest being smarter and booking a cab for yourself and hence sparing the horror of massive traffic jams and fatigue in driving. You can out for a Delhi car rental in case youre visiting from delhi or dial a few of the reputable cab companies like

Meet the F1 Teams

12 teams will be fighting out for F1 glory at the Formula 1 in India. We give you a bit of an intro on what to expect and which are the top teams you should root for.

  1. Red Bull Racing – the drink may give you wings but it seems that the team has been getting some as well. Sitting pretty at the top of the rankings with Sebastian Vettel and Marc Webber as drivers, the Red Bull racing team powered by Renault might be the first to win on Indian soil. However ghosts from a lack lusture mid season are lurking around.
  2. McLarenMcLaren-Mercedes – The closest team to Red Bull, speed has been the unbecoming of this team’s ability to clinch pole. Hamilton and Button will be looking to give Red Bull Racing a tough fight in India’s unfamiliar territory.  Backed by Mercedes power, the McLaren boys will be looking to up the ante in their Indian journey.
  3. Ferrari - Fierce Italian pride runs in this team. The name that is only associated with anything fast, Ferrari will looking to improve on their slow start this season with Alonso notching up some spectacular wins and his recent Silverstone spoils, Ferrari might upset the leaders.
  4. Mercedes – with a team boasting of the comeback Michael Schumacher and Rosberg, they have hit a ceiling at 4th place. The gap between them and the other top teams seems to be ever widening.  Let’s hope they can spring a surprise, after all we love Schumacher don’t we?
  5. Lotus Renault GP – a team steeped in history but now F1 underdogs have had their share of bad luck when star driver Robert Kubica skipped the 2011 season due to a nasty crash. Young guns Ptrov and Senna have been trying quite a bit. This is a team with potential and might gatecrash the F1 party.
  6. Force India – finally this team will boast of a home advantage.  With our very own  Vijay Mallya as a team principal and the talented Di Resta and Stuil as drivers, Force India will hope that they can improve on their position and we hope that home support would play some part in that. But don’t get your hopes up to high since they rarely come up with podiums post Fisichella’s exit from the team.

Special Mention , HRT Cosworth – In the latest news, our very own Narain Karthikeyan will be in the driver’s seat for the Airtel Grand Prix of India for the team HRT Cosworth. However don’t expect amazing results since HRT Cosworth have been in a battle for the rear and don’t have the best car on the F1 track. But we hope Narain brings his brand of interesting driving to India so that Indian fans can be inspired to take up F1 as a career option.

With so many teams, high stakes and first formula 1 in India, there’s a plethora of reasons why you should not miss one of the world’s most watched sports. So gentlemen ( and ladies too ) get ready to start your engines this October in India 2011.

Formula one in India is coming!!


Image Credits : Force India ,  Jaypee Sports , Formula One





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