Best Winter Vacation Ideas

by admin on December 12, 2012

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Winter TravelSince it is already winter, one of the best ways to carry winter clothing is to wear them. It cuts down heavily on unwieldy luggage. Try to know the weather to exact place you are going- also there are various apps available for this so that you know how much cold or sunshine you will be experiencing. It’s always good to know beforehand because the importance of UV protection in the thin mountain air should not be underestimated, you get at least 25-30% less protection from the sun.  Albeit, do carry your sun tan lotion. In case you are planning to hit the trails don’t forget adequate waterproof gear for your cameras, mobile phone, wallet and essential documentation.

If you are travelling by air, and there’s heavy fog or snowfall expected, be prepared for investable delays, find yourself a nice comfortable corner to relax in. If you have planned for delays you’ll find the wait less tiring.  Choosing a morning flight is always a better option to improve your chances on catching the afternoon or late evening flight in case the former one is cancelled. Wearing your heavy jackets and boots saves you from the hassles of unpacking it from luggage when you are disembarking. In India, snow falls only at Srinagar Airport and Leh Airport, so be aware when travelling there.

Driving in icy conditions has its own share of added hazards.  Check that your window defrosters are working.  Consult your car manual for tips specific to your vehicle, keep lights on for extra visibility to others and never overdrive on icy roads If the weather is really bad, best advice –don’t drive! Don’t forget to add the antifreeze to your car radiator either.   Always wait till the heavy snow clears before setting off.  On bridges and shaded areas; ice formation may be different, so be prepared and leave plenty of space between vehicles for safe stopping.  Keep your foot off the accelerator, be extra careful if at all you have to overtake, and always brake very gently to avoid skidding. Low gears and high traction provides for enhanced safety on hill driving. When parking too, if at hotels or guest houses look or ask for indoor parking in order to keep your car away from the weather. It’s always better to dunk in some warm clothes and dry rations in your car in the eventuality that you are stuck. In case you are stuck, one of prime things to remember is not spin your wheels-this actually drives the wheels deeper into the snow or slime. In general, four wheel drive vehicles perform better on icy roads but there’s no need to test their limits and get stuck.Winter Travel Tips

In general cold, climates are found at higher altitudes in India-so other important pointers to remember is to drink plenty of water and have fresh fruits and nuts in order to beat the ills of high altitude sickness due to the rarefied air. Walk at your own pace; wear a stout but lightweight pair of shoes. Most people advice that at elevations above 3000 meters it is better not to ascend more than 300 meters in a day. Some of the primary symptoms of high altitude sickness are breathlessness, severe cough and disorientation. Do not neglect these symptoms; climb down to lower levels immediately. Some of the Himalayan mountain remedies are churpi(yak’s milk cheese) and copious amounts of milk tea. Luckily both of them are abundantly available.

Yes, in India winter is the best time to travel and enjoy romantic holidays in the changing scenery throughout the mountainsides. But as they say in mountain areas, slow and steady always wins the race!

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