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by admin on December 27, 2012

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Train IndiaIf you really are travelling on budget holiday packages in India, the first thing to know is the number of days you will be on the trail. A small portable rucksack is all you need. The heavier your luggage, the more awkward and cumbersome it will be to carry; same thing happens if you increase the number of pieces. If you will be out for just a few days; two changes of clothing along with 3-4 pairs of socks and undergarments should suffice. Take T shirts for hotter places and thicker jackets for colder zones, other than that all you need is a towel, toiletries and a small first aid kit. In hot sun and mosquito filled places, a long sleeve shirt will save you from a lot of problems. If going to tropical wildlife parks carry a mosquito repellent cream (go for the lesser odorous ones) and wear a sunshade. If you plan to climb uphill every kilo will count, because you will be own porter, especially on a budget India tour. Heavy set boots are okay for the mountains, but sweaty in the lowlands; wherein it’s easier to wear a light pair of sneakers. Travelling light is the best equation because it makes you mobile, independent and unencumbered. If want to know about colder winters, imagine the thin imaginary line called the tropic of cancer, it passes through Gujarat in the west, traversing through Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura and on to Mizoram in the east. Any thing above (north) of this has colder winters, so be prepared. Don’t forget that it also does get cold on planes and trains, especially if the journey time is long and air conditioning is on full during nighttime, so wear a thin jacket. Don’t forget to do a little research and ensure you don’t land up at a place during peak rainy season. It could end all enthusiasm for the onward journey. In case you are travelling in a group it’s always better for some one to look after the luggage while some go out and check out the budget hotel prices and the mode of transit to the next point in the Boat, Indiaitinerary. Hotel rooms should be clean, pleasant and noise free to ensure a good nights sleep or rest. So don’t take a room next to where construction is taking place or in a noisy market area. In most states of India, it is not advisable to hitchhike, however for men it is safe ask for lifts on highways from trucks, but some small compensation may be required by the driver. Train journeys should be booked before hand in order not to make travel a pain, for short distances it’s okay to travel ”cattle class” but longer journeys require a place to stretch out and call your own. Keep your money safe in an inside pocket or a travel belt with a pocket. Never ever flaunt money and always keep a photocopy of documents like identity cards, and ATM cards, it will be of great help in case they are lost and you need money. It also makes sense to get insurance for expensive cameras or mobile phones as these are items of choice for thefts, however carry them only if really need to because nowadays even your simple camera phone takes okay pictures. Load your mobile phone with travel apps so that you know where you are and where you should be next and the distance. This is really helpful in getting your timings and bearings correct. All in all, a budget trip in India takes a little bit of common sense combined with practical sense. Wishing you happy journeying.

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