Wrestling Hope in Commonwealth Games

by admin on September 22, 2010

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Ramesh Kumar with his Bronze, Image Courtesy Google

Ramesh Kumar – The wrestler who came back from the cold!

India’s wrestlers attending the Sonipat national camp for the Commonwealth Games 2010, travel to Delhi every week to practice in better facilities. The one that stands out is Ramesh Kumar from Haryana, not just for his superior technique but something else – an aura that hangs around him that tells even to people who are unfamiliar that this man is different, this man is special.

At the 2009 Wrestling World Championship in Denmark, Ramesh Kumar made history by breaking India’s 42 years old banishment from the podium by clinching a bronze. With thirty seconds to go in the final round of the bout, Ramesh was trailing his Moldovian opponent by four points. In a sport where it’s often difficult to score a single point in a whole bout, Ramesh scored five – in the last 30 seconds.

Ramesh seems a quiet and intense sort. He doesn’t offer opinions freely and speaks only when spoken to. The reserve doesn’t seem cynical or indifferent but humble. His explanations are earnest and have the matter-of-factness of a schoolboy. He presents a conventionaly handsome profile, and you can tell he attends to his hair and clothes. The overall effect is that of a man plugged into some silent inward reservoir of feeling.

Anil Joon, gym owner and Ramesh’s friend of 13 years observes how he has time only for wrestling. He eats and drinks and sleeps it. Even in the akhada days. He didn’t talk much or spend time with the boys because that was time away from wrestling. He made up his own mind about things .Wrestling was the only thing he wanted in life and he has known nothing of the world outside that ambition and hunger.”

His single minded devotion towards wrestling may easily appear to be off-putting, however if you consider his track record and see how he has come back from a period of low phase after winning the gold at Commonwealth 2002, you would realize why the special air hangs around him – he is a champion!

Ramesh Kumar is dead serious about the Commonwealth Games 2010. For him, it is a getaway to the 2012 London Olympics. After that, he will call it a day!

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