Eid ul –Fitr: Celebrating Harmony and Brotherhood

by admin on August 17, 2012

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Eid MubarakAs the Muslim calendar, Hijri is based on the lunar months and not defined as seasonally, the 9th month is called Ramadan where followers of the creed fast throughout the day and eat and drink only after sundown (Iftar) and before dawn (sawn).

This fast called Roza, and brings about sense of togetherness and brotherhood of people of this faith. The month, ends on sighting of the new crescent moon and is called Eid ul- fithar. It begins with Muslims all over the world bring their new skullcaps and prayer mats.  Special prayers are said in mosques (called Salaat) and followed by grand festival in tandem with greeting each other and presenting each other with gifts called eidis.

After this, a grand feast held and celebrated with Siawayaan and biryanis to mark the occasion.Ramadhan Eid Mubarak

With Malaysia topping the charts of Muslims populace at 256.7 million people, followed by India at 248.26 million people and closely followed Indonesia by 210.09 people, it often causes enormous traffic jams with millions of people traveling to and fro from big cities towns in cars, trucks, buses, two wheelers every year to gift their relatives to celebrate Eid .Traditionally, Muslims celebrate with feasts and bring gifts for wives and children. For the women it begins with Burkhas, while a new set of clothes, books and toys were the usual offerings to children.But with passages of time, and to escape this chaotic atmosphere, the wealthier classes go abroad and stay at famous Hotels while common Muslims who work abroad for money, travel back to their native places, causing the world’s largest temporary human migrations globally and is called Leberhan or Idul Fitri which actually means “Escape package”.

While Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are cashing in on this package very lucratively   on the hospitality sectors, isn’t it time that India capitalized on this concept and bring more revenue for the Nation?

Who knows, that this journey could bring us closer to the moon!

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