F1-Red Bull still Thundering Ahead

by admin on October 19, 2012

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F1 car - 1All eyes are fixed now on the Airtel Grand Prix India at the Buddha International Circuit. Although Sebastian Vettel is still leading with 215 points, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso is not far behind with 209 points, Kimi Raikonnnen of Lotus grabbing third place with 167 points. The constructors’ championship standing is also showing similar results with Red Bull at 367 points, closely followed by Ferrari at 290 points, the only difference being Mclaren at third place with 284 points.

In the Korean GP, Vettel again showed his dominance by leapfrogging Alonso who had been at the top of the table. From Singapore and Japan Vettel has taken the lead to take his place in the race track; while his team mate, Mark Weber who started from Pole at the Korean GP finished second , getting 18 points –giving Red Bull its first one –two.

Alonso has been through an unlucky streak, with collisions happening in both Belgium and Japan even though he did make first place in the German GP, which was preceded by his wins in European GP on June 24 and Malaysian GP on March 25 this year. His team mate Felipe Masa made fourth place at Yeongam.

Sahara Force India, co-owned by Vijay Mallya, is at 7th palace in the constructors’ championships with 89 points. Drivers Nico Hulkenberg made it to sixth place with 45 points, while Paul Di Resta is one point below with 44 points at Yeongam.

The Indian GP is crucial as after that there are only three more GPs to go – Abu Dhabi, United States and the Brazilian Grand Prix. However, it does seem that Vettel will be the eye candy for all those interested in the fast and furious things happening on the Airtel India Grand Prix. True, but don’t write off Alonso either, because he is coming at an uncomfortable 2nd place for anyone not to take notice. So clean sweeps and victory after victory is not totally assured for Vettel either in 2012, as all the other GP races are in succession, ending with Brazilian GP on November 25. Time, indeed is fast running on the race tracks, and who will finally shake the Big Bubbly this year could be anyone’s guess.

 Massive Logistics

The amount of precious cargo arriving for the F-1 Airtel Indian GP is no doubt huge. 1500 tonnes of it! With 600 tonnes coming by air, and 900 tonnes coming by sea, make it a mammoth of logistics to handle by 4 member team lead by Sougata Das.  Fuel itself will be 35000 litres to be delivered at the Buddha race track. 70 large containers measuring 40 feet tall will transport the fuel, tires and food and beverages for the entire race track team; while 24 cars and their critical components will arrive by a special Boeing 747-400S, most of which has already arrived by now at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, and probably making its way to one of the fastest F1 race tracks. While Rs 38 crore will be paid customs duty, it will get a draw back of Rs. 33 crore after the race.F1 car - 2

Some Interesting F1 Facts

  • An F1 car can accelerate from 0-160 Km/h in 4 seconds!
  • The refueling system used in F1 can supply 12 liters of fuel per second!
  • An F1 car has 80,000 parts!
  • Tyre temperatures during peak racing may reach 900-12000 Centigrade (new pit crew members beware)!
  • Racing tyres are intended to travel only 90 -120 kilometers, and lose half a kg of weight after every race!
  •  On an average, a F1 driver looses about 4kgs of weight in a single race due to the prolonged exposure to high G forces and temperatures! 

Wishing you a wonderful time at the race tracks!


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