Free Apps For The Wayfarers: Don’t Travel Without One

by admin on August 24, 2012

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Crowded AirportWhichever way you travel, it’s still you going.  Therefore, planning your itinerary is of vital importance. What’s more is your partner, small sleek and fits into your pocket! Yes you guessed it: Your mobile phone. Nowadays, it gives you more than just the ability of phoning up folks and friends just to hi and inquiring about how they are. While you are travelling, it pinpoints your exact location and how far away from your next stop. And even how long it will take you get there. Besides this, it has a host of features called apps to facilitate your travel arrangements, especially bookings and confirmations of flights and hotels, and even a five day weather forecast! So that you are well prepared with the right attires viz. raincoat, winter clothing, and the best mode of travel.

So, like the Boy Scouts’ motto of ‘Be prepared’ brings you some free apps that you can download and enjoy the right to travel and be prepared too!

Tripalong ( is one of those free apps that lets you know where your friends are going, and inform you if they are at the same airport, city or even booked on the same flight (provided they are also using tripalong)!  What’s more is that if you don’t want to meet some acquaintances, you can switch to privacy settings. It also synchronizes all your flight details, no matter where you booked it from. This apps works on all smart phones very effectively. However, without a high speed internet connection, and lack of alerts on flight schedules, it gets a bit irksome.

Triplt( This all in one app gives you the complete picture.  It covers confirmation of your airline, hotels, car rentals, and restaurant bookings at a glance, from your email account Tripit account by forwarding your confirmation from the website you used to book your flight and hotel to plans@tripit .com. The app then will automatically make an itinerary that you can send through your email, Twitter and Facebook. It’s a free app for 30 days, after which you have shell out about Rs. 2714 a year you can upgrade to the Pro version which will automatically update flight status, alternate flights, cancellations  and even airfares start to decline, so that you can avail of cheaper flights. Also you get information on flight delays, cancellations and gates changes instantly, on your phone  One key   point is your frequent travel account information, balances, expirations and refunds are kept in one place.Mobile Apps

Triplt business is ideally suitable for the corporate world as it creates itineraries for its travelers in an instant, and can organize all their travelers, all in one spot, and at the same time know where key personnel are located and their travel plans.

To top it all, you get a VIP car rental access along with a one year membership to Hertz #1 Club Gold and Regus Gold and admittance to 1,100 business lounges in the world, worth $660!   But the thing to remember is that on the free app there’s no privacy in case you want keep your itinerary away from some folks.

View Trip Mobile ( Whenever or whatever your port of call, with ViewTrip Mobile, you can keep all your journey details handy, and access a wide array of  features on your fingertips. As a global brand cross linked to every segment in the travel industry, across 170 countries, and is a leading provider of critical transaction processing solutions. Being one of the largest travel content aggregators and distributors, Travelport powers the travel industry by connecting buyers and sellers through agency, online and corporate travel.

Primarily, Travelport is a global distribution system (GDS) is linked to internationally renowned WorldspanTM   and Galileo GDSTM platforms. It owns 48% of a leading online travel company Orbitz™ and is a joint partner in eNett™ which is a leading provider of integrated payment solutions tailor made to meet the unique needs of the travel industry. This allows you to keep all your journey details handy, along with a host of extra information to make your trip more pleasurable. ViewTrip is available for Apple devices with iOSv3.2 or above and Android devices with 2.1 and above. It also provides flight updates, live weather forecasts and checks for deals and discounts at restaurants, currency conversions at banks near your destination. However, this app continuously checks its server for updates, so bear in mind data charges, especially while on roaming mode.

These are just tips to make your trips more enjoyable, so if you have any thoughts or ideas of travelling more comfortably, we would love to hear from you!

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