Helpful Tips on Travelling with Senior Citizens

by admin on August 28, 2013

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Senior Citizens Travelling waiting for a BusTravelling with the elderly requires special attention to detail. Although it is a fun filled and joyous experience, we must always be vigilant when travelling with senior citizens so as to ensure they are well protected.  True, elders may have all the time to take time out and go for vacations, but don’t surprise your folks with a trip together unless you know everything about their health.  Because as age increases, so does the need for healthcare. Travelling with the elderly should be planned from long beforehand. However, try not to be overprotective or fussy this can be counterproductive.

Senior citizen implies any citizen above the age of 60. In India there are various rules as far as fare concessions are concerned. On Railways men above 60 years of age, get a concession of 40% while in the case of women it is 58 years of age with a concession of 50%. On most domestic flights, both men and women above the age of 65 years are eligible for 50% fare concession on economy class. Some sort of valid ID with date of birth marked on it is essential to avail of these concessions. Do remember that jet lag, motion sickness travelers’ diarrhea is more common and more acute to seniors and they should also follow food and water guidelines so as not to fall prey. Awareness of this issue would make the situation slightly more comfortable. Make a note of these factors when travelling with mom, dad or other elderly people.

Elderly people, especially those already having known ailments are very prone to the outside elements, so do remember that they should carry their medicines (sufficient for the journey), medical documents and insurance papers before embarking on any journey. Any strenuous journeys must be avoided. It is always better to a primary check up of blood pressure and good health before travel.  It is always better to seek the doctor’s  advice before journeying as health effects  can easily be compounded by minor things for seniors as their internal power of resistance is far lower, along with their tolerance pollution levels and certain allergic foods.  If they need any device like wheel chairs or walking aids, ensure that  are maintained in good order as they might have to wait in queues for ticket check ins and check outs. If by chance they have metallic aids inserted in bone joints or hip replacements, carry the proper documents for easier and faster clearance during security checks.  Yes, airport security checks too have gone long distances, so ensure seniors are told about not to carry liquids, sealed cans of aerosols and so on. Even eu de colognes may cause security alarms.  Water, food etc can be brought after security checks at airports and railway stations, so there’s no need to worry.Senior Citizens Travelling in a Bus

All vital drugs like for diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis and so on, should be carried along with the prescription, especially if you are travelling to your village with your folks. Counterfeit and spurious drugs are far more common in the rural areas. Health care in rural areas is usually minimalist, ensure that you know about the nearest well known or reputable hospital near your destination even before setting off. This information is available on the internet so make copy and keep it with you in case of emergencies. Make it your duty to see that your mom or dad take their medicines on time, complemented by regular meals. This should ensure that they are hale and hearty throughout the journey. If travelling by vehicle ensure that the senior citizen does wear his seatbelt correctly and the car is more or less clutter free for easier movement during stretching one’s legs or enjoying a blissful nap. If you want to travel in the back seat with him or her and enjoy heart to heart talks of the good old times, why not just hire a chauffeur driven car?  It’ll take care of your driving stress too!

All in all, travelling with senior citizens can be inspiring and fun filled if things are well planned before hand and proper care is taken to ensure everything goes smooth as silk. Happy journeying!

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