How to Overcome Stress?

by admin on August 26, 2011

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Ramneek Wig  Pranayama WorkshopSit back for a minute, take a deep breath and think of the best thing that has happened to you today. Now the minute you read the word ‘Best’ you automatically start feeling good and think why each and every day can’t be the way you are feeling this very minute and that is “Stress Free” or would you like to say “Free of Stress”.

Being in the competitive world, you could ask a child or a grown up after a long day, very rarely you sit back and come across anyone saying that they are having a great day and mostly everyone ends up saying that they have had a rough day or these days everyone’s much loved word is that “I am Stressed” It is human nature  that these days even when we do have a great day even a small thing like getting stuck in a traffic jam, having a fight with an employee or loved one can really dampen those spirits and instead of saying that ‘Wow’ one has a great stress free day one ends up saying ‘Don’t ask I had a real stressful day. When you really get down to thinking about it the thing is that these days the focus has shifted from having a positive attitude to behaving or believing that positive things can’t really happen and the focus lies more on the negative resulting in the 6 Letter Word or these days the famous lingo called “STRESS” Is it really a fact that one is actually stressed or is one using it as an escape route? That answer is something one has to really ask oneself. Take a look at the list below and you might be able to understand if you are really stressed and really think hard as to what you are really doing about it.

  • 1)    Anger Fighting for no reason at all
  • 2)    Over Eating or Not eating at all
  • 3)    Very Emotional
  • 4)    Being Negative All the time
  • 5)    Giving Up Easily
  • 6)    Lack of Sleep
  • 7)    Not willing to listen to anyone
  • 8)    Believing that this is your destiny & that you can never change it

The factors associated with stress are a never ending list as it seems. At the end of reading this, you might be left asking that question “how to overcome stress”?

Pranayama Workshop By Incredible India Travels

Don’t despair since there is a way you can overcome stress. We at Incredible India Travels are having a 4 day Pranayama Workshop which is the perfect way to overcome stress. This workshop takes you through the introduction of yoga, an overview of Pranayama, the types of Pranayama, benefits of Pranayama and a whole lot more.

With numerous benefits like curing heart problems, cancer, diabetes and obviously overcoming stress, Pranayama is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your mind body and soul.

Start feeling healthy and just focus on one thing and keep saying “ I have, I’m having a Great Day and just keep saying that Everything is Perfect because remember Every problem has a solution, problem is that we focus more on the words “ Can I” rather than “I Can”

So if all this talk has you asking, “where do I sign up?” just visit our Pranayama Workshop page and sign up for this 4 day course.  You owe it to yourself.

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