My First Flight – Experience

by admin on May 9, 2012

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As a child I was always enamored by planes. I can still recall running out with my younger brother to wave at the aircrafts which used to sale past our home. Their sight used to fill me with such joy that I used to forget everything and get enveloped in the thoughts of the plane. How it would be, I often wondered, to fly in a plane. Does it really fly at such a speed as is widely believed? How would it feel to fly in and out of the clouds? Would the house and buildings in which we live appear to be too small from the sky? If so then what about us humans, would we be seen from the aircraft or not? I remember going to my father and grand father to find out such answers but they rarely used to satisfy me. How could have they for they had never stepped in an aircraft. However, I was determined to experience the journey in an aircraft. I distinctly remember willing to grow up fast so that I can fly in an aircraft as soon as possible.

Then came the day when I grew up and was called for an interview by a company in the capital. I still remember how I insisted that I would appear for the interview only when I would be allowed to go toDelhiin a plane. Remember, I hadn’t yet started earning yet my father did not hesitate in buying me an air ticket fromPatnatoDelhi. After all, his son was stepping into a new world and he ensured that I commence my journey in the best possible way.  I still vividly remember the night before the journey. I was so excited that I could not even eat properly and it was just impossible to sleep. I kept tossing in my bed and kept thinking about how it would feel to travel in a plane. It is not easy to sit still when a dream that you have harbored all through your life is just about to be fulfilled.

And then the D day arrived. I was all geared up and hired a taxi to reach the airport and found it to be spotlessly clean. Everything was so properly arranged that I felt no anxiety or nerves which are pretty common for those traveling for the first time. I booked my luggage and then I was directed to the waiting lounge where other passengers were also waiting for their respective flights. At the scheduled time an airport bus took us to the plane that was to take us toDelhi. As I was making my way up the stairs I can sense a surge of excitement rushing through my veins.

The charming air hostess guided me to my seat and I made myself comfortable. She also demonstrated how to tie the safety belt and what to do in an emergency. Then the plane started to move on the runway with such great force that I hade goose bumps but I enjoyed it immensely and then the plane lifted from the ground and we were in air. As I was sitting near the window I could easily see the bird’s eye view of the world.My First Flight

The building and trees appeared to be one tenth of their actual sizes which made them look like toys. Roads appear like thin streams which slopes from the mountains and cars and people were hardly visible. I was engrossed in my thoughts when food was served and I relished it. The aircraft wore a very calm and tranquil look, gentle conversations being heard. The seats also had movie screen which showed some movie. And then the destination arrived and as the announcement was made I realized that it has taken just a couple of hours for the plane to cover almost 1000kms and I did not experience any fatigue which is normally associated with journeys. As I moved out of the aircraft and collected my luggage I felt elated as a long time dream had been fulfilled.

Today, though I have traveled by air on quite a few occasions yet I just could not forget the joy and excitement that I experienced on my first flight.

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