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by admin on July 4, 2012

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air travel tipsWhether for pleasure, business or both, travelling has become a part of lives. So the first thing to remember while travelling is to take care and be safe at all times. In order to do this, we bring you ten simple tips while on the road, air or at sea.

1) Plan: A planned journey is always the best. Arrive well ahead of time (In domestic airports at least one hour ahead of departure and for international travel atleast 2 hours in advance) to process your documentation viz. Ticket, Passport, Visa, Boarding pass and other statutory requirements. Choose a soothing place to wait if necessary.

2) Air travel: Take note of the safety advisories the airhostess or stewards demonstrate to you, do not consume alcohol and misbehave in flights. Authorities can ask you to disembark at nearest airports.

3)  Luggage: Try minimizing luggage according to the period of your stay. Excess luggage not only attracts unnecessary excess baggage fare but is also difficult to carry and manage.

4)  Documentation: Tickets, passports, Identity cards etc should always be photocopied so that it saves you a lot of bother if lost or stolen. Keep a list (or memorize) some emergency contact telephone numbers separately.

5)  Dress Code: Dress simply and as comfortably as possible; if going to a cold place –wear your woolens; it’s the easiest way to carry them. If going to the beach –buy your swimming trunks. Try to keep local sensibilities in mind too, in order not to offend them. Don’t wear expensive jewellery in unsafe areas. travel by road

6)  Money: Carry the amount you need. Flashing money is inviting trouble. Keep money in various places and not the entire amount in your wallet. ATMs and moneychangers are available at most places. Beware of fake notes too.

7)  Eat: Eat carefully; some street food may look delicious but may sour your entire trip- so why risk it? The same risk comes with water.  Avoid dirty and unhygienic places. Very cheap hotels may also be germ filled so keep that in mind.

8)  Taxis, trains and autos: Try to figure out the best rates for car rental before traveling in them. All over the world, especially near airports and railway stations cab drivers try to swindle people by charging exorbitant rates or take you on longer routes and so on. Avoid befriending people on trains-they may drug food offered to you to loot you.

9)   Unsafe zones: Avoid at all costs, because you have come to enjoy. If by chance you are held captive – obey their commands; playing hero may endanger you and others. 

10) Take it Easy: Enjoy the sights sounds and aromas each place. Take in their ambience, don’t plan a rushed itinerary –it doesn’t help. See the intrinsic wonders in each and every place to enjoy it fully.

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    All the tips are helpful to keep safe yourself and enjoying your journey. here is a point about money exchange, Keep in your mind to keep more safe your money, never exchange money from the kiosks near the station or any other suspicious places.

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