Everything you need to know about how to buy tickets for the Common Wealth Games

by admin on August 26, 2010

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Your chance to witness some or all of the twelve days of sporting history is here. A total of 1.7 million tickets for the Commonwealth Games, with their prices ranging from Rs. 50 to Rs. 50,000, have been made available to the general public since June 4, 2010. While the cost of tickets for the sporting events falls in the 50-1,000 rupees bracket, Opening Ceremony tickets sell for a minimum of Rs. 1,000, with prime seats costing as much as Rs. 50,000. The tickets are priced on the basis of the location of the seat, the popularity of the sport, and which stage it’s at.

The following is the price-range of the tickets for various events, with the tickets for the finals of the event being the most expensive. It ought to give a fair idea of the cost of tickets!

  • Aquatics: Between Rs. 50 and 1,000
  • Archery: Between Rs. 100 and 500
  • Athletics: Between Rs. 100 and 1,000
  • Badminton: Between Rs. 200 and 1,000
  • Boxing: Between Rs. 250 and 1,000
  • Hockey: Between Rs. 100 and 1,000
  • Lawn Bowls: Between Rs. 50 and 250
  • Netball: Between Rs. 50 rupees and 500
  • Rugby: Between Rs. 100 rupees and 250
  • Shooting: Rs. 250
  • Squash: Between Rs. 100 rupees and 750
  • Table Tennis: Between Rs. 100 and 750
  • Weightlifting: Between Rs. 250 and 750
  • Wrestling: Between Rs. 100 and 1,000


Outdoor road events like cycling, the marathon, and the athletic walk, will be held across the city, and can be viewed for free, since they don’t require tickets.

Lt Governor Tejendra Khanna launched the official ticketing website www.tickets.cwgdelhi2010.org for the purchase of tickets for various events and the Opening and Closing ceremonies, and was the first to get a Rs 1,000 ticket for the event.

The tickets sales were decided to be made in three phases- While the customers could start to book space for different sessions through this website or via the Call Center by calling 1800-102-1294 or 1800-200-1294 after 4th June, 2010, which is when Phase I of the tickets sales began, the actual tickets will be delivered only once “Phase II” commences, which will be on the August 1, 2010. These tickets will either be couriered to the address provided at the time of booking, or may be collected by the customers at the designated pickup outlets upon showing of the confirmation slip, as well as a copy of their credit card.

Ticket Counter

Ticket Counter

Once Phase III starts, which will be in October, tickets will also be made available for purchase by customers from retail outlets- atleast fifty of which will be set up in Delhi, and five each in Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Pune, and Hyderabad respectively.

It is also pertinent to mention that there are a number of bogus websites and organizations purporting to sell authentic tickets that you must beware of. Purchase tickets only through the official website, retail outlets, or call centers, to be safe!

Suresh Kalmadi, the Chairman of the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee (CGOC), has expressed his gratitude to the Delhi government for not levying entertainment tax on the tickets, resulting in very reasonable pricing. Mr. Kalmadi hopes that this will result in Delhiites coming out in large numbers to buy the tickets, but the terrorist threats are causing some concern among the people of Delhi, and have proved to be a discouraging factor.

Interestingly, ticket holders may avail free public transport (buses or metro) on the day of their sports event to travel to the appropriate venue. This free travel system has been approved by the Delhi Government in consultation with Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC).

While the sales to sponsors began in May, 2010, Ticket sales in international markets began in November last year.

The first Commonwealth Games to be held in India, they seem likely to draw a crowd, terrorist threats or not. Let’s hope they’re a roaring success and we teach those terrorists a thing or two about security!

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