Tips for Renting a Cab Service in Delhi

by admin on April 8, 2011

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Renting a car in India is totally different from renting in Australia, UK, and USA etc. The main point of difference is self driven cars vs chauffeur driven cars. Generally in western countries self-driven cars are popular & they let you hire the car from one location and return it at another location. When you rent a cab service in Delhi this generally includes the services of a driver and the package price includes 8 hours and 80 Kilometres of usage. This means unlike in the West where you generally need to fill up the car with fuel before returning it, here in India you don’t need to pay for the fuel or the driver as they are already included in the cost of the package.

What you do need to factor in is that if you use a cab service in Delhi, in case your journey exceeds the 8hr/80 Km deal then you pay extra on top of the base rate. Overall though having rented a car in both Delhi & in places like Sydney, California etc I believe Indian car rental prices are very economical.

Moreover one needs to remember that in India, the insurance companies do not provide for liability and collision waivers. Hence, it is advisable that in India, one should always rent a chauffeur driven car as most of the car rental companies provide a chauffeur. Some cab services in Delhi pay a lot of attention in grooming their driver and they also get the security check done for the drivers before hiring them.

You will generally find cars from good car rental companies adhere to high service standards & provide refreshments/munchies, newspapers/magazines, travel adapter, sanitizer, air freshener.

A traveller should always compare the price with a minimum of three car rental agencies so that he is able to get the best deal. I have provided 3 links to sites that provide cab services in Delhi. Here you can do your research prior to finalizing your car rental:

1. Incredible India Delhi Car Rental

2. Avis

3. Hertz

Another important decision is which car should you rent? Generally it depends on your budget because you will be able to get a small car for under Rs 1000 per day ($25/day) and a mid-sized car such as a Toyota Innova for under Rs 1400 to Rs 1600 per day ($30/day). Generally small cars are very economical however I don’t recommend them because they are not at all comfortable. Given the state of roads in Delhi/Gurgaon it becomes a back breaking journey.

You should also make sure that you get an experienced driver to ensure safety and comfort. You can then sit back & relax or as a business traveller would call it “Covert my downtime to uptime”. An experienced driver can help the traveller by giving them guidance on places of interests, shopping, markets etc.

So as we have detailed in this blog post, it’s evident that renting a cab service in Delhi is quite different versus renting a car in countries like US, UK and Ausrtralia. We hope that this post has been an eye opener on what things you should keep in mind when deciding on a good cab service in Delhi. Till next time, happy travelling.

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