Crowded Airport

Whichever way you travel, it’s still you going.  Therefore, planning your itinerary is of vital importance. What’s more is your partner, small sleek and fits into your pocket! Yes you guessed it: Your mobile phone. Nowadays, it gives you more than just the ability of phoning up folks and friends just to hi and inquiring [...]


Eid Mubarak

As the Muslim calendar, Hijri is based on the lunar months and not defined as seasonally, the 9th month is called Ramadan where followers of the creed fast throughout the day and eat and drink only after sundown (Iftar) and before dawn (sawn). This fast called Roza, and brings about sense of togetherness and brotherhood [...]


Business Class Flights

There was a high tide during cheap tickets: Even the middle or low income groups people rushed to experience flying for the first time.  Prior to this, only the high income groups were able to fly. But as the adage goes “what goes up must come down”, during the last recession, the government euphemistically called [...]


Noida Agra expressway

After hosting the maiden Formula 1 in Noida, last year, India has just opened the gates to one of its kind swanky new signal free expressway from Delhi to Agra. The 165 km elevated access controlled 6 lane expressway was opened with Chief Minster unveiling ceremonial the Ceremonial Plaque in Lucknow, and flagged off by [...]

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66th Independence Day India

We the people have 28 States and 7 Union Territories and seem to have forgotten all those both known and unknown freedom fighters, which made us who we are today. What we are and what we ought to be. Some people claim that freedoms’ just another word for nothing left to lose; true maybe, but [...]


Janmashtami Festival

It was a dark and stormy midnight, 5227 years ago; in the city of Mathura that Lord Krishna was born.  According to the Puranas, the city was ruled by good king Ugrasen. The King had a son called Kansa and a daughter called Devki. Kansa soon usurped the throne and jailed his father, and proclaimed [...]


RAKHI: Ties that bind

by admin on July 6, 2012

rakhi image

Long ago in the book of Gods, before the chapters on dreams unfold, Draupadi, wife of the Pandavas tied a piece of silk from her own sari to stem the flow of blood of a battle wounded Lord Krishna.  Lord Krishna saw this as an act of sister hood and later saved her during her [...]


Ten tips on travelling

by admin on July 4, 2012

air travel tips

Whether for pleasure, business or both, travelling has become a part of lives. So the first thing to remember while travelling is to take care and be safe at all times. In order to do this, we bring you ten simple tips while on the road, air or at sea. 1) Plan: A planned journey is [...]

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Ooty: Across the Blue Rich Mountains

by admin on June 30, 2012

ooty view

The town of Ooty is at an average elevation 7350 feet lies deep inside the Nilgiri Hills which is often called The Blue Mountains because of its smoky bluish hue, from the ever abundant eucalyptus foliage, and was originally home to the Todas tribes. In May 1819, the then Governor of Coimbatore John Sullivan started [...]

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Air Ticketing: When Prices Reached the Sky

by admin on June 15, 2012

Unfair Air ticketing

Some time back, due to cut throat competition between online travel agents offering lowest air fares took a new twist. Some elements in the travel agency wanting to make a fast buck created system whereby travelers browsing for the lowest fare were in for shock. The time taken for browsing to actual booking (a matter [...]