Nearest Hill Station from Delhi

by admin on June 6, 2012


All you need to spare is about a couple of hours in a car to get out of the heat and into cooler climes for a week. To reach very near those majestic peaks, and inhale that giving force called breath of fresh air and revive your city scarred lungs and heart. To free you [...]


Time to re-discover India

by admin on June 4, 2012

Dollar value rising

The depreciating Indian rupee is causing many cancellations to foreign lands by Indian tourists because the rupee no longer gets you the same amount of holiday thrills as it used to. Compounding this, is sky high airfares due to strikes in Air India, and cancellations of many flights by Kingfisher Airlines, making overseas travel at [...]

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Wild Elephant herd in Corbett National Park

Covering a total expanse of 1388 square kilometres, Corbett Park is probably one of the jewels of Uttarakhand. This was where famed hunter Jim Corbett shot his first leopard in 1884, and soon stopped hunting for sport, targetting only man-eating tigers and leopards. Remorse or early conservationism, I wondered. Bamboo, mighty sal trees, shrubs and [...]


Long Airport queue

The survival tips on flying becomes more intensive with more air connectivity and more Indians flying than ever before. Be on your toes from the moment you arrive at the airport. First check which terminal you are to take-off from. The biggest culprit is Delhi. The heady confusion between T1 & T3 gets the best [...]


taj mahal

Taste the heat in Agra, I thought. After all, Emperor Shah Jahan had survived it. Building a mausoleum called the Taj Mahal (and a township called Mumtazabad) to enshrine the memory and beauty of his wife, Mumtaz, forever. I checked into the Clarks Shiraz, which was just a stone’s throw away from the fabled Taj [...]


My First Flight – Experience

by admin on May 9, 2012


As a child I was always enamored by planes. I can still recall running out with my younger brother to wave at the aircrafts which used to sale past our home. Their sight used to fill me with such joy that I used to forget everything and get enveloped in the thoughts of the plane. [...]


Use headphones in plane

Ours is an aural tradition, we’ve always learnt. The mysteries of our ancient wisdom have been passed on from generation to generation by word. Except of course the Sacred Verses, the epics etc. So it stands to reason that we are a voluble people! Picture yourself in a dark village, below the Peepal tree, the [...]


Dalhousie View of Dhauladhar

It was the height of summer in Delhi, and I really wanted to take of my shirt and shake off the heat and dust from all over my body. Dalhousie is 485 km by road from Delhi, so I set off in a hired air conditioned car and took the long winding route into the [...]


Nainital lake view

Nainital has earned itself the sobriquet ‘Lake district of India.’ I took off on the Ranikhet Express at 10:45 pm and reached Kathgodam early morning.  I hired a car and checked into Chevron’s Fairhaven’s, some 35 km away. It had a beautiful view of Lake Naini, on the northern side of which was Naina Devi [...]


Dhauladhar Range Dharamshala

Dharamshala is the winter capital of Himachal Pradesh and is located in the Kangra district. Prior to the   British raj, it was ruled by oldest surviving royal dynasty in the world (dating 4300 BC!); the Katoch dynasty-which finds mention in both the Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The second mention of Dharamshala is in [...]