On route manali

My fascination with Manali has been never ending. Having already been there thrice since the millennium year, one more shot re-awakened the hillbilly in me. The last trip being just November last year, ending just before the snow closed all the roads. I changed the music on the i-pod to Jerry Garcia’s “Truckin’.” I got [...]


Aircraft Seats

One of the most abiding memories of childhood is soaring up on the swing as you sailed up in to the sky. Or the joy of the seesaw, as you went up, only to come down with that reassuring thump. Guess that’s why people love to play with their seats the moment they are seated. [...]


mussoorie view

Mussoorie lies 2000 metres above sea level and like other hill stations; it has some colonial back ground. While experiencing mid-life crisis in the torrid heat of Delhi and wondering where my get up and go has gone, I booked into the famed Avalon Resorts in Mussoorie. The town’s history I was told began with [...]

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flight steward in service

Once you have flown in an American domestic flight, you quickly learn how not to behave with an Air Hostess. But for those of us who have only flown in domestic flights in India here are some rules to remember: She is there to serve you but she is not your servant!  Remember they have [...]


terrace farming Kasauli

When serendipity beckons and you need breathing space too, make no mistake, you need to get to the birthplace of Delhi’s famed mountain man –Ruskin Bond. Yes, it’s Kasauli where he was born in 1934. It is an ideal place for writers too, as Khuswant Singh has his own cottage here. Its unique feature is [...]


Places to visit in Shimla

by admin on April 4, 2012

Shimla Awesome Weather

Come April, and the temperature of Shimla, capital of Himachal Pradesh varies strangely from 28 0 C to 110 C, and weather much more pleasant than Delhi I mused.  After all, it was declared the summer capital of India by the British in 1864. But which way to Shimla I wondered. Take the serpentine breathtaking [...]


Places to visit in Delhi – Qutub Minar

by admin on April 3, 2012

qutub minar

It was late in March 2012 that I thought I would visit the Qutub Minar. I caught the Metro rail from Noida and changed trains at Rajiv Chowk.The journey was largely uneventful, except for the glimpse of a lady whose sari got caught in the escalator. While trying to figure out whether it was unfortunate [...]


Hill Stations near Delhi -Ranikhet

by admin on April 2, 2012

Ranikhet near Delhi

Heat, dust and grime were killing my spirit and soul in April. I desperately needed to get away from it all (I was not the only one I think) with the long weekend coming up. Meandering mountain streams, divine meadows along with refreshing mountain air minus the madding crowd was all I thought.  Then it struck [...]


Places to visit in Delhi -Purana Qila

by admin on March 31, 2012

Purana Qila

My first visit to Delhi was in 1981 to attend a cousin sister’s marriage. As I stepped off the Rajdhani Express, I was frantically looking for relatives to find me, being a hillbilly I felt a little claustrophobic, with a quarter of a zillion people surrounding me. 1981 was just a year before the Asian [...]

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Flying Tips – #3 Passenger Etiquette

by admin on March 30, 2012

Farting not allowed

The female cast of Gone With the Wind, specifically Vivien Leigh had a strange problem! Although she had these passionate scenes with Clark Gable, she would emerge from these scenes green faced, surfacing to breathe in sobs. Hands at the shoot were alarmed and discreetly enquired of her. It was Clark Gable’s breath, she confided, [...]