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Appreciated Mr. Vinod,

These few words and this small gift are to gratify your job very well done. The confidence ,with which drove the vehicle permitted us to enjoy the most our visit starting from New Delhi. Passing through Agra and ending up here in Rajasthan. Thanking you once again, for sharing your ideas about religion, Geography, History and also singing some of the beautiful songs of your marvelous country while driving.

We wish that in our next visit to India we would like to enjoy your services; for sure we will be back. When we'll be back we'll charge you with the debt you have with us: - Do you remember? "The Two Red Bricks of India"

Thank you Very much for all: -

Fede & Raju
14 Oct 2011

Our Driver Vinod was excellent. He is a skillful and very safe driver who was completely competent and courteous. I felt no fear at all (as I have in India in the past) with Vinod at the wheel. His knowledge of the roads, cities and destinations was amazing. It was great fun and real pleasure to get to know him. He took us to some sights not on our itinerary which were very interesting. It is thanks to his care for us and skill that we had an absolutely wonderful trip.

Thank you.

Paulo Sampaio Eraclides

Vinod is first of all and most importantly perhaps an incredibly skillful driver – I should say an incredibly skillful Indian driver because driving in India is such a special case, with brutal challenges to nerve and patience. What most amaze me are Vinod's calm & his good humor no matter what the roads of India and the often abysmally discourteous words+ other drivers throw at him. But Vinod displays these qualities in the midst of the stress of the Indian roads because he is fundamentally a good and kind person – towards everyone. Furthermore, for the people he is driving he is both interesting and fun to be with. His knowledge of India both old and new and of Indian religion is formidable. We often learned more about a particular place from him rather than we did from our guides and he became friend to us during the trip, someone with whom we were happy to start our day with. That is part of what I mean when I say that Vinod is fun to be with. . The day after we had done all the usual attractions in Jaipur, " the company tour "as Vinod called it, meaning with an official guide, he promised us a day of fun with a tour of his devising and fun tour begins with a climb to the Nahargarh fort. Vinod changed our whole view of Jaipur which we had until then, been a little disappointed with. His knowledge of this one place amazed us; he took us to reasonably priced shops that met some specific shopping needs that we had. He took us to a wonderful restaurant for lunch and got us some great cultural things later in the day. He was everything he could ask of a driver AND MORE.

I think that I will let this sentence stand as my final evaluation of this remarkable man.

William Guy
22 Jan 2011

This Rajasthan trip was fantastic. We, my family and I have made so many trips all over the world, but this was unique. It has been very well prepared and coordinated by your company. Due to your safe driving, your kindly manager and friendly attitude, our vacation has been outstanding!

Thank you very much.

We leave India with the feeling that we have a new friend in you. Good luck to you and your family.

Wolfgang, Beate, Florian & Michael Waltersdorf.
05 Jan 2012

This testimonial is for Ashima and ARS Holiday Travels Pvt Ltd. I would like to highlight the travel arrangements made on my request for two visiting students from Stanford University, USA. The visitors were first time travelers to India. They were taken for sight-seeing to Taj Agra without any family members. The car arrived in time and the visitors reached back earlier than anticipated. They were extremely happy with armaments and particularly the English speaking tourist guide. Today I received a thank you card mentioning this trip and this is a testimony of the excellent service from ARS Holiday Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Rajeev Arora
Prakash Inscript Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
03 Oct 2011

On behalf of Mousam Tours & Travels I wish to acknowledge the excellent services rendered by you towards Mr. Shejwalkar and family. They utilized your car services between 23/9/2011 and 26/9/2011

The customer was totally satisfied with your crisp service and hospitable drivers. The client thoroughly enjoyed their excursions in Delhi arranged by your transport fleet. It was a pleasure dealing with your company and I look forward to long mutually beneficial relations in future.

Warm Regards from Medha and myself.

Amol Joshi
Mousam Tour & Travels
28 Sep 2011

I am Waseem Mahajan from Mahajan Textiles and we are an export firm based in Delhi. We have overseas buyers and people coming from abroad for frequent trips to different parts of India. Recently some two weeks back I had a buyer from Hongkong. We were to visit the exhibition in Jodhpur and we had just eight hours to prepare our journey from New Delhi.

I called Ashima and she immediately helped me out with her chauffer driven a/c car with refreshments’ as a welcome. We were so amazed with the services as we reached well within time. We actually took the cab with us for our entire stay in Rajasthan until we came back Delhi.

I strongly recommend ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd. for their travel services especially car rentals.

Waseem Mahajan
Mahajan Textiles
12 Macrh 2011

Over a period of time, of meeting and interacting with Ashima Duggal from ARS Travels, I was curious to know more about the service her company rendered. Was “Khao, Peeyo, Aish Karo” just a nice by-line or was there more to it? I was waiting to find an opportunity to experience what they had to offer. In March 2011, the opportunity presented itself in the form of a vacation I was gifting to our parents. I gave Ashima an extremely vague idea I had and left the rest to her. She looked for some good options, worked hard with me through constant follow ups and answered all sorts of queries-things I would have probably found on a website. But she humored me all along and helped me arrive at a good decision. And when I got behind due to my work, she empathized and gave me the time to make up my mind, by being very gentle and understanding.

She did some extremely thoughtful things like tell me how the resort was out of coverage area, and gave me the landline numbers I could use to reach them. Not only this she offered helpful advice, travel hints like telling us a good time to leave and things to do at the resort. Her personal follow up with the resort general manager ensured that the guests were treated as VIPs and they got amazing service from them.

Not only me but my family is also very delighted with the way the entire trip was handled.

Next time I plan a vacation I know who I am calling ARS Holidays, the people who help us enjoy urselves, by Khao, Peeyo, Aish Karo!!!!!!

March 2011

I received an urgent request from my family member in Mumbai to arrange for a car with the following requirements. Time period was only 48 hours before they arrive in New Delhi.

1. Car / Make – Innova, should be new, not older than 3 years
2. Interiors to be neat and clean
3. Driver to be cleaned and dressed properly
4. Driver to be non smoking

I didn’t know where to go though, I knew many cab operators. I decided to trust Ashima with the task.

She not only arranged for the same, smoothly but kept communicating to me on progress. I promptly received SMS for driver’s name and mobile no. I got a call from her after guests have arrived to check if all was as requested.

I must read out to you comments received from user Mr. Punit B Anand
The car and the driver were both good
Thank you Ashima for great work

Naresh Vij
Kaveri Consultants
02 May 2011

I am Bhrigav Jain, director of Monarch Graphics India Pvt Ltd

I always had a major goof up or an unexpected boring itinerary or same old crowded places from most of the travel agents….So this time I wanted to try out a person known to us as Ashima Duggal and their company punch line "Khao Piyo Aish Karo".

I want to testify that I travelled with ARS Holidays to Samodhe Palace on their recommendation as they understood my need for an exotic romantic holiday. They didn’t left a stone unturned to making it a memorable holiday let it be from a getting a complimentary higher room category….a flower decorated room…customized food and making our displeasures known to the manager at time of stay itself…she was able to do this as she keeps in constant touch with you to make you feel at home even when you are holidaying…and doesn’t say that this is only included in your package.

I want to end with a quote:
The traveler was active; he went vigorously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes “sight-seeing”

So friends if you are looking to turn from a tourist to a traveler, I suggest you to consider ARS Holidays, because they have a passion of a traveler and it’s infectious. And that reflects in their services as they go out of the way to make you feel comfortable and secured, even when you are away from your home…because they understand you.
I really recommend their services to any domestic traveler, who wishes to have an amazing Khao Pio Aish Karo holidaying.

Bhrigav Jain
Monarch Graphics India Pvt. Ltd.

I write to you as a thank you note for an incredible comfort your service provided on our road trip to Dehradun.

My brother, Anoop Dewan highly recommended your services and at the time we took the journey, all we needed was a safe and a comfortable trip as my husband had just landed from an international flight and we couldn’t afford to plan a break journey and take adequate rest. Your personalized attention and care during the course of our trip was very pleasant. We have always travelled to Dehradun by road and rail networks and road travel has not been a preferred option for a planned trip. This idea has changed after we availed of your services.

Keep it up as you have raised our level of expectation for the next time whenever we land in India.

Many thanks and wish you good luck for the incredible India travel experience.

Jyoti Pundeer
Munishwar Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
15 March 2011

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